Health Management that puts you in control


We are a trusted Health Management software provider that enables healthcare and human services organizations to efficiently and confidently make decisions that improve the quality of care for the populations they serve.  Our innovative care management technology is founded on 20 years of real-world experience working closely with healthcare delivery organizations across the complete continuum of care. At a time of dramatic change, AssureCare is the clear choice for organizations actively engaged in the transformation and modernization of our nation’s healthcare system. 

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Our Solution

  • MedCompass is an advanced Health Management software solution. Built using the latest Microsoft technologies, including Silverlight, MedCompass provides the next generation of .NET-based media experience and rich interactive applications for the Web.  

  • Whether you are a healthcare provider, a health plan, or a health and human services organization, MedCompass delivers an unprecedented user experience; a true differentiator and a focus that is at the core of our product innovation. We understand the importance of low learning curves and high adoption rates to deliver high ROI in large-scale Medical Management technology initiatives and environments.

    MedCompass offers true business advantages, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your programs and services while allowing your care teams to improve health outcomes for all individuals served. 

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